Supporting the local community

To remain at the heart of the community, Progressive Credit Union provides financial assistance to groups and clubs within our common bond and other charitable causes.

At our Annual General Meeting on 2 December 2014 we established a Community and Social Responsibility Reserve to be used for social, cultural or charitable purposes including community development. This reserve is maintained separately from our other finances.

To apply for sponsorship please complete the application form and return to sponsporship@progressivecu.ie

Community and Social Responsibility Reserve

PCU supporting the local community

Every year we allocate a portion of our surplus to this Reserve. Since its inception in 2014 we have given approximately €1.4 million in financial assistance to our local community through this Reserve.

These funds have been used across our common bond to fund sponsorship applications for events and groups, promoting social, cultural and educational activities to the local community. Your continued support results in our continued support within the local community.